Give Reparations to Farmers at Philly Forests

Over the past century, African Americans have lost millions of acres of farmland they owned across America; this trend was propelled forward not only by economic forces, but by white racism and local, white political power. The USDA and other farm development agencies offered Black farmers a small fraction of funding compared to their white counterparts, draining a Black-owned farm's ability to produce quality yields, and therefore enough money to sustain an agricultural life.


The loss of land created more than the inability to maintain a livelihood from crops-- it reinforced Black inferiority and institutional racism in our federal and local governments; it normalized the notion that Black success must be attained through struggle and fight; it upheld white supremacy. Institutional exploitation of Black families still carries on to this day, and it's my belief that communities must rally together and share resources to uplift (truly) under-served populations.

We have a mission to raise $100,000 to purchase farmland and return to non-hierarchal stewardship of the land.

Conforming to the oppressive parameters set by white management out of fear of losing my farm is overwhelming. Farming in a white-owned and -managed space has proven to not only be physically and mentally harmful, but also perpetuating white control of Black + Brown people and of stolen land.

My work in nourishing people through land nourishment must move.


Thanks for Your Consideration. Any amount helps!

In Warmth,