Rhodes Elementary School
Environmental Program

Philly Forests is partnering with Rhodes Elementary School to create an ecologically-diverse landscape on school grounds. We aim to provide therapeutic green space through the establishment of:

  • A Mini Food Forest- raised garden beds, fruit trees, and edible berry vines

  • A Perennial Pollinator Garden- native plant and shrub installation near the school sign

  • 29th St Natural Fence- A border of tall overstory trees and shrubs providing shade and privacy to students during school hours


Rhodes Elementary School is a K-8 public school on the corner of 29th + Clearfield in North Philadelphia's 19132. Students experience high rates of displacement, homelessness, early childhood trauma, food insecurity, and violence. It is our hope to install ecologically-sound, interactive gardens to inspire the youth, offering therapeutic green space to find peace and regulate emotion. Rhodes School is surrounded by open, grassy areas, perfect for environmental beautification and educational engagement!

We have a mission to raise $10,000 to purchase equipment, education materials, a shed,
and tools for student use.

Donated Funds will be combined with Philly Forests crop revenue to purchase plant material, tools, a shed, raised bed lumber, and other materials.
Once the 1st phase of planting has finished by mid-summer, we hope to expand the mini food forest to include an urban meadow trail with educational signage, birdhouses, butterfly nectar nests, and more! 
Please spread the word about this newly-budded project-- every dollar counts!


Thank You for Your Consideration!

In Warmth,

The Philly Forests Team