Philly Forests
Urban Ecology Program

The Philly Forests Urban Ecology Program provides free trees, shrubs, and perennial plants to Philadelphia residents in the 13 zip codes with the lowest tree canopy. We aim to combat the effects of redlining and environmental racism and classism in Philadelphia through ecological community development.

Why is this important?

Trees are immensely unequally disbursed in Philadelphia, PA. Wealthier neighborhoods like Chestnut Hill and West Mt Airy enjoy tree canopy coverage of 86% while North, Southwest, and Chinatown have canopy coverage averaging 5%.

Lack of trees and perennial plants can lead to unhealthy air quality, drastically-higher summer temperatures, increased crime rate, and correlate with higher rates of strokes and cardiovascular health.


To ensure ethical distribution of materials,
our eligible zip codes are:

19138, 19140, 19141, 19120, 19132, 19133,
19151, 19142, 19125, 19149, 19145, 19148


Apply for our
Urban Ecology Program

If you live within a zip code above, you're eligible to receive a free tree, shrub, or perennial plant through our Program!

The application for 2022 Spring Planting
will go live on January 15th, 2022.
Visit this page to apply and spread the word!

Donate to our
Urban Ecology Program

We combine revenue from crop sales with grants and neighborhood donations to make this work possible. Please donate to Philadelphia's Ecosystem below.

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