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Vendor Resources

Apply to Accept EBT

If you are a food/beverage vendor, accepting Food Stamps/EBT/SNAP benefits is a great way to increase healthy food access in our region and introduce an additional stream of income.
Apply to Accept SNAP for your business TODAY:

Apply to Accept FMNP

PA's Farmers Market Nutrition Program provides checks to seniors and WIC recipients to spend at local farmers markets. Farmers who become authorized to accept these checks increase healthy food access in the region and strengthen local economy.
Become authorized TODAY:

Selling Homemade Food

Similar to Cottage Food Law, PA's "Limited Food Establishments" Law offer vendors flexibility on the location to prepare goods for sale. Home and home-like kitchens go through a simple approval process.
Apply Below TODAY!

Obtain A PA Business License

Turn your hobby into a business! Apply for a PA business license below through the PA "PALS" portal.

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